The principle objective of the thematic graduate school  ENVITAM is to offer a concerted stimulating high quality scientific environment for Ph.D. research in environmental science, technology and management in the different research institutes of  the Communauté française de Belgique and abroad. ENVITAM aims to structure an advanced graduate course programme, research seminars, scientific workshops and graduate training activities. Partners adhering to ENVITAM consider to open their partnership to other research institutes interested in the thematic research themes covered by the graduate school.

ENVITAM research  activities  focuses on terrestrial ecosystems.

The research envisage

- to understand and model the environmental processes at different spatial and temporal scales, in particular the pressures exerted on the natural resources, taking into consideration the interaction between the atmosphere, the biosphere, the pedosphere, the lithosphere and the hydrosphere; and

- to develop technologies and management strategies, aiming at reducing the pressures and remediating environmental pollution. The research strategy considers scientific and technological issues, without ignoring the socio-economical dimensions of ecosystem functioning.

Specific research is developed within the following thematic areas.

- Water resources: soil hydrology, catchment hydrology, hydraulics, hydrogeology, fluvial hydrology and applied hydrodynamics, hydrobiology and limnology, hydro-ecology, hydrography.

- Soil and subsoil resources: physical geography, geomorphology, pedology, soil biology, geochemistry, geophysics, soil mechanics, mining engineering

- Air resources: gaseous emissions from terrestrial ecosystem (greenhouse gases),  atmospheric pollution.

- Agricultural and forest ecosystems: sylviculture, ecophysiology, dendrometry, forest technology and management, bio-energy, environmental agronomy.

- Environmetrics, remote sensing and environmental statistics: metrology, geostatistics, environmental modelling.

- Environmental technology: biotechnology, environmental chemistry, depollution and remediation technology, environmental geology en engineering, geotechnology

- Environmental economics and natural resource management: operational research and environmental decision making, risk analysis. 

Activities are developed in French and English. For efficiency reasons however, English is used in the documents related to the management of the graduate school.

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